About Us

First and foremost we firmly believe that it is an honour to have patients entrust us with their health care and then to be able to assist them in achieving the best possible physical health and functionality.

At OrthoNorth we firmly believe that there is no one size fits all solutions to an individual patient’s needs.

The surgeons at OrthoNorth have one focus – the individual patient and which treatment will provide the best possible results for their specific condition and their overall wellbeing.

The OrthoNorth ethos

  1. The patient’s needs first.
  2. We recognise that all patients are unique including their physical and medical conditions as well as their personal requirements and needs. From the first consultation through to the time that a patient leaves our care treatments are tailored to reflect those needs and requirements.
  3. We are conservative and cautious. We do not believe that surgical intervention is the first or best option in all cases. For many patients, other forms of treatment and conservative management may achieve an outcome that is at least as favourable as what might be achieved by surgical intervention.
  4. Many procedures, particularly joint replacements, may have a limited lifespan we look at the longer-term needs of the patient (most particularly the younger patient) when discussing treatment options.
  5. Patients are made fully aware of all options, procedures, likely outcomes, rehabilitation, and long-term prognosis. Patients are made fully aware of what will happen during the rehabilitation process and its likely duration. Knowledge reduces anxiety and optimises the recovery process.

Our surgeons have beds at leading North Shore and Hills District facilities. Click here to see our locations.

OrthoNorth surgeons also care for:

  • Workcover claimants
  • Department of Veteran’s’ Affairs patients
  • Motor accident claimants

If a patient is in receipt of a pension, we recognise this and will discuss fee options with them.

Patient first is the guiding principle in every aspect of our practice.